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og视讯是我国高校最早开展计算机研究的基地之一,是信息科学领域科学技术研究与人才培养的重要基地,有60余年的发展历史,近年来,学院围绕og视讯“坚持提高教学质量、走内涵发展道路”的总体思路,通过汇聚学术队伍、凝练学科方向、构建学科基地、促进学科交叉,已发展成为具有博士、硕士、本科完整的教育结构,现拥有“计算机软件与理论”国家重点(培育)学科、重庆市一级重点学科、 “211工程”和 “985工程”三期重点建设学科;拥有计算机科学与技术、软件工程两个一级博士学位授权点,计算机软件与理论、计算机系统结构和计算机应用技术三个二级博士学位授权点;筹建了信息物理社会可信服务计算教育部重点实验室、软件理论与技术重庆市重点实验室、重庆市软件研发技术中心等多个研究基地。学院设有计算智能与信息安全、网络和网络关键技术及应用、模式识别与信息处理、软件及应用技术、智能技术与服务五个研究所。2017年1月计算机科学学科进入ESI排名前1%。


计算机学科有计算智能与信息安全、机器学习与跨媒体感知、智能网络与先进计算、大数据智能与服务计算等四个方向。2010年学院人工神经网络研究领域在全球ESI排名中列第12名。学院目前是《小波、多分辨分析及其信息处理》(International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing (IJWMIP))国际期刊挂牌单位,是全国高等学校计算机教育研究会、重庆市计算机学会的挂靠单位。


Chongqing University (CQU) is located in the city of Chongqing Municipality. The campus covers an area of 3,633,329 square metres. CQU is a national key university which is directly governed by the Ministry of Education. CQU not only has very complete bachelor majors, such as science, engineering, culture, economics, economics, law, education etc., but also has its own graduate school, which can establish more master majors. CQU is a high-level research-oriented university, supported by national "211 Project", "985 Project", and “Global Tier-1 Universities Project (Class A)”.

The bachelor degree of computer science at CQU was established in 1958, master degree in 1978, and Ph.D degree in 1986. In 1998, the college of computer science was established on the aggregation of four units: the department of computer application, the department of software engineering, the department of basic computer science, and computer experimental center. Over the past 60 years, we have persisted in training talented students who have solid foundation and broad professional knowledge. Most graduates are mostly distributed to research institutes, colleges and universities, government agencies, international companies, state owned enterprises and IT related enterprises.

The college of computer science of CQU is one of the earliest established domestic institute which is research and education oriented. After decades of development, our college is now a complete educational institution with doctor, master and undergraduate degrees. Currently, there are 132 Ph.D students, 927 master students, and 1190 undergraduates in our college. Among our teaching staff, 76 of them have Ph.D degree, and 25 professors, 41 associate professors and senior engineers.

The strength of our college includes research and education in the fields of pattern recognition, networking technology, computational intelligence, information security, software engineering, service computing, system architecture, and intelligent distributed system. In recent years, we have undertaken many scientific research projects, including the NSFC projects, the national “863” projects, the national key scientific and technological projects, and nearly 30 province-level ministry-level projects. During the past 3 years, more than 300 research papers have been published in the important academic journals, and also 18 monographs and textbooks.

The college pays great intention to international exchange and cooperation. We have established extensive cooperative relations with domestic and international research institutions and well-known enterprises. The college of computer science is eager to have more extensive exchanges with domestic and international academics, enhance cooperation and work together to become the most important multi-level computer education base in the southwest region, and become the top-level teaching and research institute of China.

(All of the aforementioned statistics are updated on March 2018.)